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Kentucky, like much of the southeast, has experienced significant turkey population declines in recent years. Turkey hunters are rallying together, funding research studies that are necessary for understanding these declines and implementing effective solutions. This is where we need your help!

A new project is launching in central Kentucky, a region where declines have appeared to be dramatic. The project is direct by Dr. Brad Cohen and assisted by Sara Watkins. Brad was a post-doc in Mike Chamberlains lab, and currently works for Tennessee Tech University. Sara is currently a student in Mike's lab, and will begin work as a PhD student on this project this fall.

Researchers will capture hens, apply GPS transmitters, and release them back into the wild. This will provide information on nesting ecology, nest success, brood survival, and many other factors effecting populations. Song meters will also be deployed to measure gobbling activity. This data will be leveraged by state agencies and habitat managers to make effective decisions that will support turkey populations for years to come.

Additional funds are needed to support this program and expand the study. Your donation will go directly towards the following; Blood sampling materials, computers for data processing, GPS units.

100% of your donation will go directly towards this project!

Watch the videos below to learn more - 

"Factors for TURKEY NEST SUCCESS and POULT SURVIVAL - (Missouri Turkey Research)"

"The Decline of Wild Turkeys with Mike Chamberlain"

"Catching wild Turkeys! (Research UPDATE with Mike Chamberlain)"

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