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Wild turkeys have been declining in population for 20 years over much of the eastern turkeys range, and we want to help.  Many state agencies, including the Missouri Department of Conservation, initiated research projects to get some answers.

Habitat composition at the macro scale, weather patterns, predator abundance, and hunting methods have changed significantly since comprehensive research was conducted in Missouri during the 80's and 90's. Missouri recently completed a 5 year study to provide basic population statistics to update current models needed to manage the state population. Overall adult survival, harvest rates, nesting rates, even hatching rates were sustainable. However, poult survival was well below average. Over the 5 year duration of the project, researchers observed some of the lowest poult survival numbers ever documented in the Midwest.

This new project is a collaborative effort between the University of Missouri, Missouri Department of Conservation, and the National Wild Turkey Federation. It's a comprehensive 4 year study looking at multiple factors involved in wild turkey nest success and poult survival.  

Currently we are in year 2 of the study.  Total cost of the study is around 1.3 million dollars.  The NWTF has pledged $160,000 and needs an additional $35,000 to get across the finish line and fully fund the rest of the research.

Our goal is to fund the remaining $35,000 of this project.  We'll collect the money and issue a check to the NWTF where it will be restricted to fund this specific project.  We are asking for your help to get this project off the ground.

100% of your donation will go straight towards funding this program.

As we've done in the past with Alabama, our plan is to follow up at a later date to monitor the progress of the study.  We filmed a video a few weeks ago with MDC and the University of Missouri detailing questions surrounding the study.  They are currently working hard in year 2 of the project to capture and tag wild turkey hens for the 2022 spring research field season. 

Watch the videos below to learn more - 

"Factors for TURKEY NEST SUCCESS and POULT SURVIVAL - (Missouri Turkey Research)"

"The Decline of Wild Turkeys with Mike Chamberlain"

"Catching wild Turkeys! (Research UPDATE with Mike Chamberlain)"

Follow along with the program in future content.  

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