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Pick Up Public Lands Day

March 2nd 2024


What is Pick Up Public Lands Day?

We get upset anytime we see trash littered on public lands, so we decided to do something about it. On March 2nd 2024, we are encouraging you to get out on public lands and pick up as much trash as you can! At 3pm we will be hosting meet ups at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, MO and Cabelas in Columbus, OH. If you don't live near these locations, don't worry, we want people across the country to head out to public land and pick up trash. We will be giving away prizes for those who participate online and in-person. There is no registratoin required and the event is free to participate in. Make a difference. Help clean up our public lands.

How Can I Get Involved?

Step 1: Spread the word about Pick up Public Lands day and encourage more people to participate.

Step 2: On March 2nd, head to public lands near you and gather as much trash as you can. 

Step 3: Connect with others who participated in the event by attending one of our in person meet ups or sharing an image of the trash you collected on social media.

Step 4:  Dispose of the trash you collected at one of our provided dumpsters or a proper disposal method available to you.

In Person Meet Ups

Meet up with members of THP and celebrate making a difference on public lands locations are listed below.  Meet ups will take place around the roll off dumpster in the parking lot of each location. Both locations will be giving away an M2 vest to participants who show up with trash collected on public land. Do not throw your trash in the dumpster until the event has started at 3 to claim your free entry. THP members will be present at each location to meet with participants and collect entries for the giveway.

Social Media Prizes

For online participants, we will be randomly selecting two people to win an M2 Hunting Vest ($300 value).  To enter, simply post a picture of the trash you collected with the hashtag #PickUpPublic. Not only does sharing the event give you a chance to win a sweet prize, it helps encourage others do go out there and help clean up our public lands too!

Meet Up Locations (March 2nd @3pm local time)

Bass Pro Shops Springfield, MO

Cabelas Columbus, OH